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Reflecting upon my time working with Gaby at IntenseEatFit, I guess I’ve never been the kind of person that has reached out to, or been approached by any form of sponsor so it was quite humbling when Gaby offered to provide me with ongoing personalised nutritional guidance. 

Since August last year, we not only developed the general goal of increasing my energy levels and the effectiveness of my nutrition around training, but also have been aiming to create optimal nutrition plans for before and during each race.
Regarding the first part of our goal, Gaby has been really helpful in developing and fine tuning a day to day meal plan which has helped me feel a lot more energetic everyday, especially before training. The fact that she has incorporated a wide variety of meal options is an added bonus and makes it so much easier to commit to.

Regarding the second part, Gaby has been great in helping create a specific nutrition plan for each race I’ve competed in this season. Whether it has been a shorter Tri, a longer Tri, a swim, a bike or a run, she has taken into account the length and demands of each specific race to give me the best chance of performing on the day.
Outside of this, Gaby has gone the extra step on a number of occasions during and outside of our face to face meetings as she is very knowledgeable with the underlying complexities that are associated with Triathlon. During our first session, Gaby carried out a thorough assessment of my initial body measurements to create a reference point for ongoing meetings to see if the nutritional changes were making positive quantitative changes. Outside of our face to face sessions, Gaby is always happy to discuss things in between meetings over message and has on a number of occasions has committed her own time before and after training to calculate not only my sweat rate, but also anyone else’s at training.
With my current racing ambitions slightly leaning towards Long course, Gaby’s assistance is only going to become more valuable to me and I would highly recommend anyone needing professional and friendly nutritional advice to reach out to her.
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